Yongpyo are the mystical garments and armor of the Monkey King.


It has the appearance of a black jacket with a yellow fur covering grey pants and a red belt on him. The black jacket has the image of a green dragon on the back. When not equipped by the Monkey King, it takes the form of a mass of red and black energy.


It enhances all the wearer's physical capabilities, including his durability, strength, and speed. The owner can loan it to others and grant them same benefits.

Poison Resistance: The Armor's poison resistance allows Hui Mo-Ri and Jin Mo-Ri to combat enemies who used poison, such as Garuda and Heracles.

Sentient: The armor is partially sentient and is capable of protecting its owner by its own volition this is shown when Mihu was about to be crushed and it assumed a form in between it's true state and energy.

Form Alteration: Yongpo can change forms and mode by giving commands or hand gestures. This ability is the staple for Yongpyo's techniques.


Mihu performed these when he thought Yongpyo was Ruyi Jingu, which caused him to use radically different techniques than Jin Mo-Ri's. Mihu use Yongpyo as an offensive weapon while Jin Mo-Ri used Yongpyo mainly as support and defense.

Mihu's Techniques

  • Grow sharper: Causes lightning spikes to appear from Yongpyo.
  • Slice: Causes a cutting motion.
  • Grow: Extends the spikes on Yongpyo's staff-like form.
  • Blade Form: Crimson lightning: By throwing the encasing away it takes the form of crimson lightning.

Jin Mo-Ri's Techniques

  • Acceleration Mode: a technique that allows the user to accelerate to great speeds, the back of the Yongpyo takes the form of jet boosters and have a wing-like portion. In this mode the user's attack speed also multiplied, for example Jin Mo-Ri in this mode can slash all of 7th Floor Owner into small cubes alone while he need help of his clone to do it before.
  • Power Mode: a technique that multiplied the user's strength. In this mode, The Yongpyo becomes thick, making the user appears to be "buffed". The gloves also gain orange knuckle-brass.



  • Like Ruyi Jingu, the Yongpo was given to the Monkey King by the Dragon King in the Journey to the West.
  • The Dragon symbol on the back of the Yongpo might be a reference to him getting the suit of armor from the Dragon King.