Yeo-Po Bong-Seon also called Lu Bu Fengxian is the Charyeok of Yu Mi-Ra.


It appears as a man dressed in warrior clothing with a head band that has two lines of falcon feathers on it. His clothes/armor is made out of tiger cloth.


This is the Charyeok of Yu Mi-Ra. It enhances her fighting ability and she can use many high level attacks. It also enhances her swordless swordstyles. Ironically her Charyeok was the owner of her National Treasure.


Physical Enhancement: It greatly enhances all of its user's physical attacks, speed and power.

Falchion: She summons a part of her of Charyeok, the headpiece that looks like the two yellow tails on her head that amplifies her physical strength tremendously.

Crimson Horse (Red Hare): This is the steed of her Charyeok. It was capable of destroying one of Park Il-Pyo's Charyeok fire foxes quite easily. It also possess the ability to fly.


  • This Charyeok is based off the Chinese figure Lü Bu.
  • It's appearance however is based on Sun Wu-Kong's armor that was gifted to him by the Dragon of the Eastern Seas, and the tiger cloth around its waist is similar to the one Wu-Kong wore during his pilgrimage to India.

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