Yamatano Orochi is the Charyeok of Kyoichi Kusanagi. It is one of the stronger charyeok shown in God of Highschool Consolation match.


It is a charyeok born of Kusanagi Clan's tradition of sealing the eight-headed serpent inside their firstborn sons' bodies. They can use the serpent's power,but will risk losing control in the process. Kusanagi Sword is used to control the power the snake and prevent it from consuming the user's body and mind.


it takes the form of a massive 8-headed snake. It has light blue scales, a large serpentine body and a long tail.


It grant the user ability to summon snakes and at full power, the very creature itself. It also gives the user enhanced strengh and several snake trait like slit eyes and a skill derived from snake shedding its skin. The power it can grant the user is limited by how willing the user losing control against the creature. At its full power, the user can evenly fight Michael, an experiment to replicate The Monkey King's power who at the time wield his copy's Yongpyo and Ruyi Jingu.


  • Summon: Ground Serpent: As the name imply, it summon Yamatano Orochi from the ground to eat his opponent.
  • Orochi Snake Trap: By touching the ground the user summon small snake to trap the opponent's leg.
  • Exuviation: A skill that the user can use to heal himself, even after being bisected in the torso.


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