Yamatano Orochi

Yamatano Orochi, also known as Hydra from Greek Mythology,[1] is a massive 8-headed snake currently sealed within Kyoichi Kusanagi's body, with Kusanagi Sword as the measure of control to the snake's power.[2] He has the ability to release the snake to a certain extent, but if he releases too much, the snake has the ability to take his body over. Currently, thanks to Hui Mo-Ri's power, The snake has been surpressed, but still enabling Kyoichi to use its power without losing control.[3]


It is a massive 8-headed snake. It has light blue scales, a large serpentine body and a long tail.


Yamatano Orochi is known to have a poisonous blood, one that can affect even a copy of a god.



  • It has displayed three different colour schemes and slightly differing appearances in the series. It has light blue scales when summoned by Kyoichi (Yamatano Orochi)[4] and both/either grey or purple scales when it fought and was killed by Heracles in the past.[1]
  • Yamatano Orochi is derived from the Giant Eight Headed and Eight Tailed Serpent from Japanese Mythology.
  • The Lernean Hydra from greek mythology's head count varies according to the sources with the most popular one said it had nine heads. This webtoon use eight in order to merge myths.


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