With Hawk
With Hawk
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Level Unknown
Charyeok The Master of the Sky
HP Unknown
GP Unknown
Current Status
Affiliation Team U.S.A. Leader
Relatives Unnamed members of his tribe
Debut Chapter 167

With Hawk is the leader of Team U.S.A. competing in the G.O.H. World Championships.


With Hawk is dressed in typical Native American clothing, including a poncho, a headband, and a tribal shirt. He has long brown hair and brown eyes.


Not much is known about him other than that he manages to scare the French Team Leader Andre Oscar. He also seems to have a deep familial relationship as he expresses his desire to win for his tribe. He also seems to be extremely intelligent, being able to deduce that Hui Mo-Ri is a copy of a God simply by feeling his presence.


Not much of his history is known other than that he has ties to his tribe back in the United States that is pushing him to fight.

With Hawk 2


He is first seen when Judge O and Moon Gi-Joo broke away from prison and stopping Nox's G.O.H. Tournament, where he fight against Andre Oscar. Later he breaking up a fight between Samuel of Team Argentina and Mujahedin of Team South Africa during an information exchange regarding Team Korea.

After both his teammates are defeated by Yu Mi-Ra in the Round of 16, With Hawk enters the ring. Mi-Ra decides to withdraw, leaving Hui Mo-Ri to fight him. When they get prepared to fight, With Hawk deduces that Mo-Ri is a clone of god. After reassuring himself that he needs to win this fight, he summons his charyeok, The Master of the Sky, to face Mo-Ri. However, in a blink of an eye, he is defeated by Mo-Ri with just one attack.


Not much is known about his abilities other than he has a charyeok, Thunderbird, and he left Andre shuddered whenever he activating it.


With Hawk 3

With Hawk's charyeok is Thunderbird, Master of the sky. Its ability isn't shown as he lost in one hit against Hui Mo-Ri.