Sacred Sword Walmung is the National Treasure of Yu Mi-Ra, who took it by defeating its previous owner Moon Gi-Joo. It used to belong to Moon Gi-Joo's Charyeok, Paladin Siegfried .


It is a dark silver broadsword with a black handle and bird wings for a hilt. At the tip of the blade the dull side is curved inwards. It significantly changes the appearance of its user when it is summoned, it coats the right arm in plates of armor.


It is shown to be quite powerful because it is well known even among the priest of Nox. When swung the slash of the sword can level an entire city block and kill multiple opponents at once.

Enhanced Attacks: All of Moon Gi-Joo's attack are greatly enhanced with even one slash being capable of leveling a city block.


Defensive Mode: A mode that completely covers the user's body in bulky armor.


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