"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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World Competition is the fourth volume of the God of High School series.


Main characters


Chapter # Title
176 "Chapter 176"
Chapter 176 Park Mu-Bong is in disbelief that he struggled to that extent with just a Priest when suddenly the Priest emerges from the rubble. The Priest reveals that he is currently being possessed by Beelzebub, the High God that gave him the power of God's Blessing. Mu-Bong criticizes the gods for doing whatever they want with humans before killing the Priest.

Jin Mo-Ri's clone formally introduces himself with a new name, Hui Mo-Ri, to Han Dae-Wi and Yu Mi-Ra at Mo-Ri's house. He tells them that he won't participate in the God Of High School Tournament because he doesn't feel comfortable helping Mu-Bong. He tells them that instead of competing he will try to find the real Mo-Ri or free Jin Tae-Jin. Mi-Ra tells him that in order to do those things, he would need the help of Mu-Bong and his companions. Park Il-Pyo and Baek Seung-Chul arrive to tell them that they agree. They announce that they have a plan that could potentially free Mo-Ri while also competing in the God of High School Tournament. While Hui, Mi-Ra, and Dae-Wi are competing in the Consolation Match, Il-Pyo and Seung-Chul would head into the sacred shrine that they used to get to the Sage Realm initially. When there, Uma would use her power to send Il-Pyo through so that he could unleash attacks that would get Mo-Ri to become aware of his presence. Il-Pyo then tells Mi-Ra that she is the key component to their success in the Consolation Match since Dae-Wi is weakened due to his eye and Hui needing to hide his power's so that no one realizes he is a clone. Hui then explains that he is about half as strong as Mo-Ri and that to use Mo-Ri's full powers, he would grow exhausted after 2 or so minutes. It would then take between 3 and 4 hours to get his strength back. Additionally, his strength is dependent on how close he is to Mo-Ri across their respective dimensions. Finally, he explains that his strength is somewhere between that of a priest and a bishop.

Mi-Ra calls Mu-Bong to tell them that they will compete. After giving his thanks to the trio, Mu-Bong tasks Judge P with using her Borrowed Power, Marionette, to find out what they are hiding since there was no way Mo-Ri would willingly join the tournament.

Mi-Ra tells Dae-Wi that he should drop out of the tournament because he would only be a hindrance on their team.


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