True Nullifying Spin is a technique that gathers its power from firmly burying one's foot into the ground and sending the resulting force up to the knee, pelvis, waist and then to the tip of the foot which executes Yeokchook.

When being performed a swirl of wind is generated around the user and then concentrated around the leg and it generates a massive tornado after it connects with the opponent or target. It is just like the Dragon Sign Hwechook of Renewal Taekwondo and was in fact used to counter that technique. The wind generated by the kick is black in colour. Park Il-Pyo also shows a powered down version of this technique when he fought Taek Jae-Kal, as he was at his limit, by using the ring ropes too propel himself and deliver the kick.[1]

When being used as a counter to Dragon Sign Hwechook, it creates a great wind turbulence.



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