Trinity: The Gods of the Wind, the Rain, and the Clouds is the Charyeok of Kim Oong-Nyuh.


The form of her charyeok is unknown other than three light-like particles orbiting around Kim Oong-Nyuh.


The power of her charyeok allows her to manipulate weather-related phenomenon.

Electromagnetic Manipulation: So far Kim Oong-Nyuh has used manipulation of electricity to a certain extent by disabling The King's electromagnetic manipulation.

Cloud Manipulation: Kim Oong-Nyuh can also manipulate the cloud, exhibited when she use cloud to temporarily trap The King.

The Original Way Of Borrowing Power: As she is one of the few today who has access to it, this charyeok can be used alternatively thanks the godly power within her body. The Oong-Nyuh's price for using this type of Charyeok is age regression. The ability can be strengthened by performing a ritual where she only eats garlic and mugwort. Some of the abilities that require the use of this type of borrowed powers are:

  • Reality Warping: Oong-Nyuh can grant wishes and alter reality to her will, depending on how much bio-energy she has has at the time, it can even resurrect the dead, something a God stated to be very difficult and comes with heavy cost, being the God's own life.
    • Healing: She can heal severe injuries such as lost limbs and near-death states, although it consumed a lot of energy.
  • Dimension Portal: Oong-Nyuh can open a portal to other dimensions such as the Sage Realm. This ability is enhanced in a sacred place or with items such as Cane of the Sage.
    • Interdimensional telepathy: She can speak telepathically between dimensions that she has access to.


  • The name might refer to two things:
    • Trinity from Christian teaching about distinction, essence, and co-substantiality between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
    • Ministers of clouds, rain, and wind from Korean Myth about the founding of Gojoseon, the first Korean kingdom. These ministers accompany Hwanung during his descent to mortal realm.

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