Three Imperial Regalia of Japan is the National Treasure of Kyoichi Kusanagi.[1] So far, only two have been shown, the Kusanagi Sword and Yata's Mirror.


Yata's Mirror

Yata's Mirror takes the form of a massive circular, translucent shield.

Kusanagi Sword

Takes the appearance of a long sword extended from within Kyoichi's hand with ribbons of blood surrounding it.


Yata's Mirror

Shielding: Yata's Mirror provides nearly absolute protection from direct attacks. However, with extremely powerful attacks, it can be broken.

Kusanagi Sword

It acts as a measure of control against Yamatano Orochi that has been sealed inside the firstborn son of Kusanagi clan.[2]

Summoning: When slashing something, the sword can summon Yamatano Orochi out of the slash. This is the result of Kyoichi Kusanagi having Yamatano Orochi sealed inside his body.


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