The Key is a part of a God's soul that has entered into a human's body, It is a being who can release the seal upon humans that disallow humanity to fight against the gods. There can be more than one Key. The First key belongs to the Nine-Tails Guardian which was given to Park Il-Pyo in recent times. The Key is the main goal for both Nox, Judges, and the The Six.


The Key has a sphere like appearance with flame glowing on it and a flame like symbol on it.


The Key used to belong to The Nine-Tails Fox who lived a thousand years before the current story when he gain immortality and became a God and a guardian of Heaven but the King of the Gods came to fear him and banished him, but the Nine-Tails Fox made The Key which was handed down to Park Il-Pyo.

Known Keys and User


The Key itself was believed to be too powerful for even Jae-Kal Taek absorb and has the power to bring Gods down from Heavens. It is the only object in the universe capable of unlocking the seal or Taboo placed on humans by the gods and the wielders are the only humans naturally capable of fighting the gods themselves beside the inhabitants of the Sage Realm.

Ability Sealing: Being one of the keys, It gives the user the ability to seal away a gods ability carrying them on a lower plane so they can be hurt. It can also seal away a person's Charyeok.

Ability Awakening: Being one of the keys, It gives the user the ability to awaken the potential within a person to enable them to attack gods, nephilim and higher, that they couldn't previously hurt. It can also undo the seals it placed on gods.



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