Master of Seventh Heavenly Realm
The Circle
7th Floor Owner
Species God
Gender Unknown
Status Deceased
Fighting skills
Charyeok None
Occupation Master of Seventh Heavenly Realm (formerly)
Affiliation Heavenly Realm
Masters of Heavenly Realms (formerly)
Debut Chapter 207

The 7th Floor Owner, known by his fellow owners as The Circle[1] for his appearance, is one of the Owners of the World that resides on the 7th floor of the Skyscraper, one of the main sub-realms of Heavenly Realm.


The Circle is a large morphing black ball with two small appendages that look like ears atop of it. It can extend its size and reshape and separate itself.


The Circle doesn't really have a personality. It does engage any that approach it in battle however. It is also quite ruthless, as it tried to kill the Gatekeeper after it failed its position, only failing thanks to Jin Mo-Ri's intervention.


The 7th Floor Owner is first seen fighting Jin Mo-Ri on the planet of broken toys that Mo-Ri resides on while waiting for his rescue.Mo-Ri doesn't take the fight seriously and leaves when he senses Park Il-Pyo.

When challenging the Owners of the World so that he can find Il-Pyo, Mo-Ri discovers that the owner of the 7th floor was the one he fought previously. The Gatekeeper approaches the owner, who then expands into a massive spear and attacks. Mo-Ri intervenes in the attack and engages the owner. During their fight, the owner splits into numerous pieces and extends spear-like appendages from its body to attack Mo-Ri. Mo-Ri begins to struggle against the owner due to its regenerative abilities. After multiple attacks, Mo-Ri deduces that if he splits the owner into small enough pieces it will dies. Using his armor speed mode and Kinto-Un, Mo-Ri finishes the owner off. The owner then reveals that it is the gate to 6th floor before providing a part of its body to Mo-Ri which he then uses as a belt and headband.



  1. Chapter 294

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