Vital Statistics
Race & Species Mount Hwagwa Monkey
Gender Male
Current Status
Affiliation Oraeguk

Monkey King

Debut Chapter 126

Tachi is a Mount Hwagwa Monkey that was given sacrament by the false Monkey King, Mihu.


Tachi wears typical Mount Hwagwa monkey warrior clothing. He has light brown hair that extends from the top of his head at an angle.


He appears to be very faithful to the king, Mihu


Along with Ujin, he shot down the dragon that was attempting to enter Oraeguk. He was later awarded sacrament by Mihu after demonstrating his mastery over the Heavenly Power.

He goes with the false king to fight the humans. He is very quickly defeated by Yu Mi-Ra.


He has capable enough control over Heavenly Power to harm a dragon and destroy nearby bamboo stalks.

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