"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Sugihara Oyama
Sugihara Oyama
Vital Statistics
Status Alive
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Charyeok Baedal Choi
Current Status
Affiliation Team Japan
Debut Chapter 179 (Partially)

Chapter 182 (Fully)

Sugihara Oyama was a competitor in the G.O.H. Consolation Match representing Team Japan.


Oyama has medium-length black hair and nice, light-colored clothing.


Oyama is not as willing as his teammates to accept truces and is the most fiery of the three. He also seems to be rather self-conscious regarding his Borrowed Power, Baedal Choi, as shown by his confrontation of Han Dae-Wi after using his Borrowed Power.



He appears along with Kyoichi Kusanagi and Midori Yata to save Yu Mi-Ra, Han Dae-Wi, and Hui Mo-Ri from Team Malta Knights. He flees with the rest of the group to a greenhouse garden.


Sugihara is a strong participant of God of High School Consolation Match. Baedal Choi must have acknowledged his power since he agreed to make a contract with Oyama.


Oyama utilizes a contract with Baedal Choi , the man Dae-Wi hoped to make a contract with when he first learned about Borrowed Powers.


Full Contact Karate

Oyama is a very strong user of Full Contact Karate, rivaling even Dae-Wi at the time of the Consolation Match. He is well versed in full contact karate, noting the similarities between kata and Dance of Four Gods.

  • Breaking Hundred Bricks: A simple tameshiwari (art of breaking with empty hand) with a enough strength to break hundred bricks
  • Cutting Bull's horn: A diagonal punch aimed at one's head. the name implied that it can be used to cut bull's horn.

Charyeok Technique

  • Death Blow: a technique performed by Sugihara with help from his charyeok: Masutatsu Aoyama. As the name implied it was a one hit K.O./ Kill.