Vital Statistics
Race & Species Human
Gender Female
Current Status
Affiliation Nox
Debut Chapter 145 (Partially)

Chapter 148 (Fully)

Schneider is a priest in the Nox organization.


Schneider wears the typical priest uniform with a metal chest plate. She also wears a coif on her head.


She seems to have a playful personality, jokingly shrieking during fights among other things.


She is one of the five priests that come to the Sage Realm to support Lee Soo-Jin. She fights Mihu when Mihu is attempting to reach Soo-Jin to steal the gourd. She gets defeated by him but with the assistance of Big Man and Kim Sak-Gat, obtains the upperhand. However, when Soo-Jin voluntarily gives the gourd to Mihu, she gets defeated by Soo-Jin after accusing her of betraying Nox.


Her abilities are unknown but it is assumed she is quite powerful since she is a priest.

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