Ryu Hyun-Bok
Korean 류현복
Vital Statistics
Age 18
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style Boxing
Level 7[1]
HP 450
GP 8[1]
Current Status
Occupation G.O.H Participant
Debut Chapter 56

Ryu Hyun-Bok (Kor: 류현복) was the third place of Jeonranamdo Province regional G.O.H Tournament.


Hyun-Bok has grey, short hair and brown eyes. He is only wearing an undershirt and trousers.


He is very meek and timid when it comes to fighting. However, he defeats one of the Chungcheongbukdo province participants after an encouragement from Il-Pyo .



Hyun-Bok came 3rd in the G.O.H Competition of Jeonranamdo, and thus was chosen to participate in the National Competition of South-Korea along with Park Seung-Ah and Park Il-Pyo. Their first match was against the Choongcheungnamdo Team. Hyun-Bok fought in the first round against Cha Suk-Woo, winning with the advice of Il-Pyo. Il-Pyo then adviced him to withdraw, but Hyun-Bok chose to continue fighting. He was easily defeated by Nam Goong-Do. Hyun-Bok's team still wins the match, thanks to Il-Pyo.

Hyun-Bok is seen next in the match against Choongcheongbukdo Team. He fights first against, and beats Na Gi-Dong, of Choongcheongbukdo, using Leverage Guard. He also decides to continue thanks to encouragement from Il-Pyo. He fights against Jang Jang-Mi, and although she uses her Charyeok, Hyun-Bok is still able to beat her, by switching his style. Because the leader of Choongcheongbukdo Team doesn't turn up, Jeonranamdo Team wins.

During the figth between the Metropolitan Team and Jeonranamdo Team, for the place in the finals, Hyun-Bok once again fights first, now against Jin Mo-Ri. Hyu-Bok doesn't stand a chance against Mo-Ri, but stil manages to break his finger, to prevent him from using Nabong Needle Ryu, before he is beaten. Jeonranamdo Team loses the match.

Later after the loss of Jeonranamdo Team, Jun Ju-Gok possessed by Greed, attacks the infarmary, with Hyun-Bok, Park Seung-Ah, Park Il-Pyo and Mo-Ri in it. Taek Jae-Kal also is already fighting Ju-Gok. Ju-Gok absorbs Hyun-Bok and Seung-Ah, but they are freed when Jae-Kal killls Ju-Gok with his own Greed. Jae-Kal also cuts of Hyun-Bok's fingers and Seung-Ah's leg, pretending that it was an accident. This leads to only Il-Pyo fighting against Jae-Kal, for the second place in the finals.

Hyun-Bok's fingers are seemingly returned by Kim Oong-Nyuh's power.


After defeating Cha Suk-Woo, he continues on fighting with Nam-Goong Do only to tire the latter before his fight with Park Seung-Ah. Park Il-Pyo mentioned that he is growing at an exceptional rate.[2] Jin Mo-Ri too recognize this potential as he immediately ended their match with Dragon Sign Hwechook, as he felt that Ryu Hyun-Bok's last attack might defeat him.

Martial Arts


Ryu Hyun-Bok trained himself in boxing.

  • Leverage Guard: A defensive position in which one arm is bent to triangular shape while the other is stretched towards his opponent to stop opponent's attack.
  • Style Switch: Hyun-Bok can change his boxing style, to catch the opponent of guard.


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