Robe of the Sage is Jade Emperor's official attire and armor.


The Robe of the Sage is a heavily stylised three-piece suit-type outfit consisting of a black waistcoat over an untucked collared white shirt, an orange cravat and magenta-coloured trousers tucked into light brown boots. The most distinguishing feature of the outfit is the stylised high-collared robe jacket with a length that falls to the wearer's shins: the upper part and shoulders of the robe jacket are dark-coloured, the rest being a teal colour and the robe jacket's trimmings are gold-coloured; on each shoulder is a large gold-coloured Ω-symbol, on each outer forearm are three gold-coloured strips of fabric and the robe jacket ends in large white cuffs. The outfit is finished with white gloves.


The Robe of the Sage grants the wearer increased durability and a certain level of resistance against physical attacks.[1] The robe itself is pretty durable and can withstand the strikes of High Gods and Masters of the Heavenly Realms.[2]

The robe can be summoned by thought and appears to have some level of sentience, where it can protect its user and wants to be worn.[2]


  • In its debut, the robe had different design, as seen in the gallery.
  • Several times one of the Ω on the sides of the jacket changed into α, likely an error.



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