Right Horn
Oxen Brothers2
Also Known as Right
Vital Statistics
Age unknown
Race & Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Style Minotaur Combat Magic
Level Unknown
Charyeok None
HP unknown
GP Unknown
Current Status
Occupation Soldier of Minotaur kingdom
Affiliation Sage Realm
Relatives Left Horn (brother)
Uma (sister)
Debut Chapter 134

Chapter 136 (Named)

Right Horn is a minotaur and soldier of Uma's castle in the Sage Realm. He along with Left Horn are the biological brothers of the Oxen King, Uma.


Right Horn is a red minotaur with yellow eyes and a ring in his nose. He wears a brown shorts or kilt and black armbands and carry around a whip.


Not much of his personality is shown but he apparently loves Uma and calls her hyung-nim 




Right Horn is knowledgeable about magic and Heavenly Arts. As a demon he is more powerful than normal human.

Martial Arts

Heavenly Arts

Horn Magic: Right Horn and his brother can create a horn shaped shield to protect those they wishes.

Temporary Limb Regeneration: The skill of the brothers that enabled them to recreate a severed limb, although it is only temporary and can only be used once.

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