Reverse Sweeping Kick is a technique delivered by spinning and kicking the opponent's head in a wide arc. Hui Mo-Ri shows an improvisation of this technique when The King used reversed gravity to counter his Lowest Hwechook, by spinning in reverse in response to the abnormal gravity, using this technique in the process.[2]


  • Yu Mi-Ra grouped this technique as part of Hwechook, it is unknown if this is correct.
  • LINE's translation (Back Kick) is not a proper one. A Back Kick in real life Taekwondo, also called a Donkey Kick, is a technique in which the user kicks backwards linearly straight to the target, compared to arching kick. This technique appears in the webtoon in the form of Rising Back Kick, although Rising Back Kick is a variation that attacks the head without jumping.
  • A real life Dwi Dollyo Chagi is delivered by spinning 180° and, while their back is facing the opponent, kicking the opponent's head in a wide arc. The force of spinning increases the power of the kick, dealing devastating damage to the opponent.
  • The difference between this technique and Rising Back Kick is a reverse sweeping kick spin from their first position to turn their back to the opponent; put simply, the spin is part of the technique, while in Rising Back Kick it isn't.



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