Renewal Taekwondo

Renewal Taekwondo

Renewal Taekwondo, or RE Taekwondo, is a type of martial art developed in modern South Korea. It is used by Jin Mo-Ri and Jin Tae-Jin in the series. It is emphasized in strong, linear kicks like its base WTF Taekwondo. Some skills are directly linked with WTF Taekwondo, skills involving Hwechook for example, and some are created purely by Jin Tae-Jin and other associates.


In 1960s, after the Korean War, one of the Northern agents were arrested alive. His abilities were tested by the government by series of duels with 50 South Korean martial artists. Results were drastic, some of them killed and unconscious. It is revealed that this agent was skilled in a martial art developed with technology of Soviet Union and other martial arts, combined with ITF Taekwondo, named "Warfare Mass-Destruction Northern agent's ITF Taekwondo", or "Northern ITF Taekwondo" in short. As a counter, government developed Taekwondo based on WTF Taekwondo and, with ideas from "Northern ITF", finding their weakness, eliminating them and adding stealth skills to infiltrate enemy camps, RE Taekwondo was created. This style is a perfect counter to ITF Taekwondo. The founder is revealed to be Jin Tae-Jin.


After Jin Tae-Jin's battle with the survived Northern agent was found successful, South Korea built a battalion of soldiers who practiced RE Taekwondo. However, Jin Tae-Jin was the only survivor after they went into North Korea and thus was the only one who knew how to use it. After 20 years, he trains his grandson Jin Mo-Ri in RE Taekwondo.

Known Skills

  • Cheonji (Kor: 천지) [1]
  • Hwarang (Kor: 화랑) [4]



Ssam-Su Taekkyeon: During mission codename 'Gilgamesh', Jin Tae-Jin meets with Park Il-Tae in RE Taekwondo Force. Park Il-Tae uses skills and ideas from RE Taekwondo to strengthen weaknesses of Old-Way Taekkyeon. Thus, a lot of skills in Ssam-su Taekkyeon resemble skills in RE Taekwondo.

Northern ITF Taekwondo: RE Taekwondo was developed as a counter to ITF Taekwondo. Renewal Taekwondo was created by Jin Tae-Jin is seen enraged when Mo-Ri mentions on the phone to have seen a guy (Gang Man-Suk) who uses Northern ITF.

Full Contact Karate: One of the seniors of Han Dae-Wi was shown telling Dae-Wi to kill whoever uses RE Taekwondo. However, Han Dae-Wi does not obey and regards him as 'senile old man ordering to kill people in 21st century'.


Like real life Taekwondo, RE Taekwondo owns a wide variety of kicks aimed at the upper parts of the body using rotation of the body as a source of power. However, the users of this martial art often utilizes a full arsenal of punches not seen in real life Taekwondo along with the softness/hardness concept of Chinese martial arts and the "bobbing and weaving" of boxing (whether or not this is just Jin Mo-Ri is not shown). RE Taekwondo also has many take downs that often start with the "hook" kick snaring the victim with the back of the leg in the limbs or the head making them lose balance.

Dan Mo-Ri noted that using Renewal Taekwondo without proper training, such as by copying it, will give even greater stress to the body than those who train in the art.



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