Prosecutor Gang
Prosecutor Gang
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown (deceased)
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Current Status
Affiliation Park Mu-Bong
Debut Chapter 1

Prosecutor Gang was a wealthy and corrupt public official who had ties with Park Mu-Bong.


Prosecutor Gang is a relatively portly middle-aged man with very ordinary black hair. He wears sunglasses in his one appearance.


Gang appears to be a very confident man as shown when he seemed to have Mu-Bong under his control; as noted by his associate. Despite his corruption(he accept bribes from Park Mu-Bong), he had his limit as he refused increase in bribe after seeing the bill Park Mu-Bong trying to pass.


Prosecutor Gang is one of the first characters to appear in the series. On a phone call with Park Mu-Bong, Gang tells Mu-Bong that he had had enough with him and that he will be getting Mu-Bong arrested for his crimes (which were not revealed at the time). After hanging up on Mu-Bong, Gang and all those around him were killed by Mu-Bong's Charyeok.

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