Vital Statistics
Age 19
Status Alive
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style The Grace of God


Level Unknown
HP Unknown
GP Unknown
Weapon Holy Grail (National Treasure)
Current Status
Occupation Vatican Crusader
Affiliation Team Vatican
Debut Chapter 177

Paul is a Vatican Crusader and the leader of Team Vatican in the G.O.H. World Championships.


Paul is a black skinned man who, despite being a teen, looks rather old. He has black hair and is wearing glasses. He usually wears a grayish robe.


Paul is a calm and collected individual. He thinks strategically, and does not let his emotions control his actions. He also has strong faith in God, as a Vatican Crusader.


G.O.H. Consolation Match

Paul first appeared as the captain of Team Vatican in the Consolation Match. He along with the rest of his team, tried to make an alliance with Team Japan, which was already in an alliance with Team South-Korea, against Team Malta and Team South-Korea. Before Team Japan could make a decision though, Team Vatican was driven into a fight against Team South-Korea's Hui Mo-Ri. Paul was forced to use his Holy Grail in order to neutralize Hui Mo-Ri, and take his powers away. Despite this the two other members of Team South-Korea, Han Dae-Wi and Yu Mi-Ra, beat Paul and his team members. Team Vatican then retreated from the battle.

Later, while retreating from their previous encounter, Team Vatican was attacked by Team Houstons's Michael, who was empowered by Hui Mo-Ri's DNA. Paul managed to transport Team Vatican away, but were badly beaten.

Team Vatican was one of the two teams who advanced to the Finals, as they survived to the end of the Consolation Match.

World Championships

Paul, along with the rest of his team, were later seen in the Finals, fighting Team Croatia. John, who was fighting for Team Vatican, was at first, losing the match to Zoranica of Team Croatia, but thanks to Paul's help managed to win. Team Vatican then advanced in the Finals.

Later Team Vatican was defeated single-handedly by Team Poland's Aldon Ski. This lead to their elimination from the Finals.

Paul later participated in the battle between Nox and Park Mu-Bong's group, along with the rest of the Vatican. He survived the battle, and was later seen mourning the lost members of Vatican.


Paul is a more supportive fighter than his teammates, but he can also use his abilities for fighting. Paul uses his Bible, as a weapon in combat.

Grace of God: Paul can increase the abilities of his allies with his ability, such as defense and attacking power. He can also use it for more combative purposes.

  • Healing: Paul is capable of healing others, presumably with the Grace of God.

National Treasure

Holy Grail

Paul with the Holy Grail.

Holy Grail: Paul's National Treasure, which takes the form of a chalice, with red liquefied in it.

  • Sealing of the Powers of Gods: The Holy Grail has the ability to seal the powers of gods. It doesn't damage humans, but can be deadly to "heretical creatures".