Paladin Siegfried is the Charyeok of Moon Gi-Joo.


It appears as a large man wearing bulky European Armor.


This is the Charyeok of Moon Gi-Joo. It is a defensive charyeok and enhances his fighting ability and he can use many high level attacks. Ironically his Charyeok was the owner of his National Treasure, Walmung.


Shield: Moon Gi-Joo has shown to be able to create invisible shields at least 3 times, the most powerful of which was able to protect him, Han Daewi and Yu Mira from a collapsing subway.

Healing: Moon Gi-Joo has shown the ability to heal others, shown when he healed Yu Mi-Ra's injury.

Lightning: Moon Gi-Joo has the ability to summon a ball of lightning which he uses to blind his enemies.