Oba Mashariff
Oba Mashariff
Vital Statistics
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Current Status
Occupation President of the U.S.A.
Affiliation U.S.A.
Debut Chapter 5

Oba Mashariff is the president of the United States and is occassionally shown interacting with Park Mu-Bong.


Oba Mashariff is a black man with a short hair cut that is always donning a suit.


He has arguably the highest political position in the world, so it can be assumed he is a very smart and powerful person.


He is first introduced when Park Mu-Bong infiltrates the Pentagon to discuss nuclear weapons with him and warn him that they are no longer useful.[1]

He is seen again, getting reports from intelligence agencies in the US of what is happening in Korea. Recalling his previous meeting with Mu-Bong, he ponders whether this is what he meant when Mu-Bong said that nuclear weapons are now insignificant. When Sang Man-Duk unleashed King of the Earth at South Korea He activate 567 nuclear missiles to South Korea to test whether what Mu-Bong said was true or not. [2]


  • He appears to be based off the previous US president, Barack Obama.


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