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Northern ITF Taekwondo

Northern ITF Taekwondo is a type of martial art developed in modern North Korea. This type of Taekwondo is derived from ITF Taekwondo which favour straight,fast attacks and, unlike WTF Taekwondo, allows all forms of fighting without protection. This is something unusual for WTF Taekwondo that is used mainly for sport. Northern ITF Taekwondo pushed it to the extreme and creating what is essentially killing skills.


Northern ITF Taekwondo was created long ago to form the ultimate killing machine by the North Korean government. They studied aspects of Chinese and Russian martial arts and used the data gathered to perfecting the original ITF Taekwondo, creating Northern ITF Taekwondo. It was created so that the user could infiltrate the opponents defenses with much more precision than normal Taekwondo.


Known Techniques

  • Moran

Right Flamingo Stance

The right stance is primarily centered around attacks used to destroy the opponent.

Left Flamingo Stance

From the techniques used, The left stance is primarily centered around defensive and guard-breaking skills.



Renewal Taekwondo: RE Taekwondo was developed as a counter to ITF Taekwondo. Jin Tae-Jin is seen enraged when Mo-Ri mentions on the phone to have seen a guy (Gang Man-Suk) who uses Northern ITF. This is also how Lee Soo-Jin reacts to Jin Mo-Ri.


Like real life Taekwondo, RE Taekwondo owns a wide variety of kicks aimed at the upper parts of the body using rotation of the body as a source of power. ITF Taekwondo also has many take downs that often start with the "hook" kick snaring the victim with the back of the leg in the limbs or the head making them lose balance.




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