Myung Moon-Dae
Myung Moon-Dae
Vital Statistics
Age 19 (deceased)
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style Sonic Waves
Level 11
Charyeok Siren
HP 500
GP 38
Current Status
Occupation G.O.H Partcipant
Affiliation Jeju Island Team
Nox (Imposter)
Debut Chapter 63 (Hooded)

Chapter 66 (Fully)

Myung Moon-Dae is a member of Jeju Island Team at the G.O.H Nationals. Currently his appearance is taken by an imposter, who is the player killer.


Myung Moon-Dae has blue colored hair and wears 2 bracelets. He also has two markings on the outer sides of his eyes which go down the cheeks. He is seen wearing a robe while outside the ring.


Moon-Dae has a very loud and arrogant personality and believes himself to be the best. He isn't above cheating in order to win or make sure his team wins.



Moon-Dae is a skilled fighter. He has a level 11, which depicts his high skill level. He can also use a Charyeok.


Siren: Moon-Dae's Charyeok is Siren. It has the shape of a bat and just like a bat

Sound Waves: It can generate sound waves which can be heard only by the victim. It helps in releasing sound waves which can cause dizzyness to normal people and make one collapse. Extreme sounds can also cause bleeding from ears.

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