Vital Statistics
Race & Species Mount Hwagwa Monkey
Gender Male
Style Teleportation
Current Status
Affiliation Ore Kingdom

Monkey King Four Royal Guards

Debut Chapter 129

Myung is one of the Four Royal Guards of the second Monkey King Mihu.


Myung has grey-blue hair and is balding on the top of his head. He wears traditional Mount Hwagwa Monkey warrior attire.


He was shown to be in shock when Yu Mi-Ra was able to hit him. He also seems to be loyal to the Monkey King as he was not shown to be brainwashed.


When Jin Mo-Ri and the others are climbing the tower to reach Mihu, Myung teleports in and grabs Yu Mi-Ra before teleporting away. She manages to defeat him because of his smell.


Teleportation: He had a Heavenly Charm that enabled him to teleport at will. Things he came into contact with could teleport with him.

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