Mujahedin 1
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Title South Africa Team Leader
Level Unknown
Charyeok Umdiji
HP Unknown
GP Unknown
Weapon Malungma & Seanne (National Treasure)
Current Status
Affiliation God of Highschool Tournament

Team South Africa

Debut Chapter 217

Mujahedin is the leader of Team South Africa competing in the G.O.H. World Championships. His usage of hypnosis via his charyeok proposes a unique challenge to those who face him.


Mujahedin is a fit black man with skeleton features painted all over his body. He has an olive-colored mohawk and a pair of glasses he always leaves resting on his forehead. He is shown wearing an olive hoodie and purple pants, but loses the hoodie when in combat.


He appears to be very confident in himself due to the unique powers of his charyeok. He also shows no signs of intimidation when speaking with those of arguably greater strength than himself, such as Samuel.


He is first seen questioning Samuel on the strength of Team Korea and whether he actually witnessed their strength first-hand.

When his team faces Team Korea in the Round of 32, he is the first fighter to take the ring. When facing Han Dae-Wi, he immediately activates his charyeok, Umdiji. Han Dae-Wi begins to go into a hallucinogenic trance as a result of the charyeok, causing Mujahedin to take out his weapon, Malungma & Seanne to deal the finishing blow. However, to his shock and everyone else's, Han Dae-Wi manages to land a blow upon him and doesn't let up until he is declared the winner. It is revealed that Han Dae-Wi was able to fight despite the hallucinogenic trance he was in because of his inability to use one of his eyes and because of Mujahedin's constant talking during the fight.

It is later noted that the only team Team U.S.A. feared was Team South Africa because of Mujahedin's hypnotic abilities.


Mujahedin 2


Mujahedin's charyeok Umdiji gives him the very useful ability of hallucination. He was unlucky to face Han Dae-Wi in the World Championships as Dae-Wi's inability to use one eye ultimately saved him as the hallucinations had a lesser effect.

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