Moon Chun-Sik was the drill instructor for the special Northern ITF Taekwondo forces in North Korea at the time that Jin Tae-Jin discovered Jin Mo-Ri.

Moon Chun-Sik
Moon Chun-Sik
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown (deceased)
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style Northern ITF Taekwondo
Current Status
Occupation Northern ITF Taekwondo Drill Instructor
Affiliation North Korea
Debut Chapter 113


Chun-Sik had bright, red eyes and short, white hair that had begun receding. He had two very distinguishable scars stretching horizontally and vertically across his face. He was seen wearing typical Northern ITF Taekwondo combat garments.


He seemed to be very cocky and condescending as evidenced by his reprimand of Lee Soo-Hyuk for being captured by South Korea despite Su-Hyuk being the strongest fighter they had.


He first appeared after one of his trainees critically wounded Lee Geum-Do. He successfully attacked Lee Eun-Do before Jin Tae-Jin appeared. When Tae-Jin asked if Lee Soo-Hyuk's family was safe, Chun-Sik stated that he didn't care about trash. Tae-Jin promptly wiped out his entire squadron before holding a defeated Chun-Sik up by his throat. When Chun-Sik attempted to detonate something that he claimed would kill Tae-Jin, Tae-Jin sliced off his hand before killing him.




Northern ITF Taekwondo: He is presumed to be very capable as he was seen repelling an elite RE Taekwondo Force member that was off-guard and was the drill instructor for the fighting style. He was no match for Jin Tae-Jin however.

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