"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Midori Yata
Midori Yata (2017)
Vital Statistics
Race & Species Human
Gender Female
Charyeok Kamaitachi
Current Status
Affiliation Team Japan
Debut Chapter 179 (Partially)

Chapter 182 (Fully)

Midori Yata was a competitor in the G.O.H. Consolation Match representing Team Japan.


Yata is a busty woman with long, brunette hair that she pushes back with a white headband. She also has very hazy, grey eyes. She dons a traditional Japanese robe.


She keeps a very calm demeanor under all situations. She also seems to be empathetic since she prophesized Han Dae-Wi's death to Yu Mi-Ra because she could tell how much Mi-Ra cared about Dae-Wi.



G.O.H. Consolation Match

She appears along with Kyoichi Kusanagi and Sugihara Oyama to save Yu Mi-Ra, Han Dae-Wi, and Hui Mo-Ri from Team Malta Knights. She summons her Charyeok to rescue Mi-Ra and Hui before fleeing with the rest of the group.

When they stop to rest for the night, Yata treats Mi-Ra's wounds before telling her that she has predicted Dae-Wi's coming death as a result of her shaman abilities.



Yata's Charyeok, Kamaitachi, doesn't seem to have any offensive abilities but does seem helpful in rescuing people.

Shaman Abilities

Foresight: Yata has the ability to predict the coming deaths of humans.