The Princes of Natak is the Charyeok of Dan Ah-An. At first she can only contract Lot, the second brother, but later during the fight with Jung Mo-Ri, managed to contract all three of them.


It takes the form of the late war deities The Princes of Natak


Terrakinesis: Ardun gives its contractor the power to create and manipulate earth

Cyrokinesis: Lot gives its contractor power to create and manipulate ice construct

Geo-Thermokinesis: Jwala gives its contractor the power to create and manipulate magma/lava.


  • The name Lot vaguely implied that the origin of this charyeok is biblical story. The Princes of Natak themselves are inspired by Third Lotus Prince (Nehza), each having the characteristics associated with said deity.
  • The Biblical reference of Lot could refer to salt, which is commonly associated with ice.


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