Lightning Blade is a sacred weapon that is used by the First Crown Prince of the Heavenly Realm.


It initially appears as a weapon similar to a double-sided spear or naginata. It has a long central shaft, with each end of the shaft having a large double-edged blade. The Lightning Blade can actually be divided into two smaller weapons by separating the shaft in the middle. In this form, the Lightning Blade is wielded as a pair of very large daggers. The entire weapon is made of gold and modeled after a bolt of lightning. It is based off of the mythological concept of a thunderbolt being wielded as the weapon of the sky god.


The Lightning Blade is very strong, easily cutting through Jin Mo-Ri, the Ruyi Jingu Bang and half of Oraeguk. It would have cleaved the planet in full had the Monkey King not absorb most of the force with his own body and Yongpyo.

Summoning: The Lightning Blade can manifest itself anywhere upon being called by the First Crown Prince. It appears in a flash of lightning.

Electrokinesis: As the name suggests, it is capable of generating vast amounts of electricity to greatly enhance its destructive power. It even burned some skin on First Crown Prince, whose body is made from the toughest material in the world, Barbadium.

Shockwaves: Whenever it is used, the Lightning Blade creates immense shockwaves that are capable of destroying massive amounts of land. It is so far the only weapon managed to cut Ruyi Jingu.