Lee Hyang-Dan
Lee Hyang-Dan2
Vital Statistics
Age 19
Status Alive
Race & Species Human
Gender Female
Style Nabong Needle Ryu
Charyeok Unknown
Current Status
Occupation Maid
G.O.H Participant
Affiliation Jeon Jae-San
Bo Hae Medical center
Debut Chapter 44

Lee Hyang-Dan is the loyal maid of Jun Jae-San and a sister figure to Jun Ju-Gok. After Jae-San and Ju-Gok died, she works for Na Bong-Chim as his caretaker.


Lee Hyang-Dan is a lean woman with a rather normal build. She has grey hair, which she keeps in two braids. She wears a maid outfit with a collar and two bracelets.


She is shown to be very loyal and caring for her master. She can however become very angry, as shown when she recklessly attacked Jae-Kal Taek, when he was excessively hurting Jun Ju-Gok.



Initially, Lee Hyang-Dan was the personal maid of Jun Ju-Gok. She was shown to care deeply for her master, even going as far as to jump into Jun Ju-Gok's battle with Jae Gal-Taek to prevent him from geting killed. She was, however, beaten.

Next, Hyang-Dan was the background while Ju-gok and Gal-taek were having their rematch. She was in the middle of deciding what she was going to do next but was captured by Jae gal-Taek and used as a hostage. When Ju-Gok goes mad and transforms into a pink-colored monstrosity, Hyang-Dan tries to snap him out of his trance. She succeeds, but Ju-Gok dies in front of her as Gal-Taek slays him.

Sage Realm Arc


Lee Hyang-Dan as seen in Season 3

During the three month time-skip, Hyang-Dan was revealed to have been taken as an apprentice under Na Bong-Chim, learning Nabong Needle Ryu.

At first, she was paired up with Go Gam-Do, and were picking up Sage Fruits when they spot the large hurricane.

When both Han Dae-wi and Yu Mi-ra wake up, Hyang-Dan is shown to be formulating plans with the rest of the group.

While the front lines of the Nox army were distracted, Hyang-Dan teams up with Yu Mi-ra against Saturn. While fighting, Mi-ra asks Hyang-Dan to use the Limit remover on her. The girls eventually defeat Saturn.


She is shown to be a capable fighter, but she was no match for Jae-Kal Taek.

She carries around throwing knives, which she can use to some extent.

Nabong Needle Ryu

  • Limiter Removal: She has the ability to remove herself and another's limiter allowing them to multiply their strength by two.


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