Kim Sak-Gat
Kim Sak-Gat
Vital Statistics
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Current Status
Affiliation Nox
Debut Chapter 144

Kim Sak-Gat is a priest in the Nox organization.


Sak-Gat dons a typical priest uniform and a maroon kasa that has a Nox symbol on it. He has long, light green hair and a white bandage that wraps around his head, covering his eyes.


He seems very calm and calculating even during battle. He is an honorable man as shown when he apologized to Mihu for attacking him from behind.


He was one of the priests that came to the Sage Realm to support bishop Lee Soo-Jin. While there, he attacks Gang Man-Suk before engaging Gwum Gi and Ma Bo-Ra in battle. He quickly realizes that Gwum Gi is the leader of the trio and focuses his attacks on him. When he is about to finish Gwum Gi off, Gwum Gi reveals his Borrowed Power, Jack the Ripper, as he stabs Sak-Gat.


He uses his hat as a throwing weapon. It easily cuts through most objects which may just be as a result of his enhanced strength.

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