Kim Doo-Shik

Kim Doo-Shik after Ragnarok

TGOH - CH168 - Kim Doo-Shik

Korean 김두식
Also Known as Boss
Superhuman Creature
The Loan Shark
Vital Statistics
Status Alive
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Charyeok None
Current Status
Occupation Member of the The Six (Former)
President of ICE Financial (loan shark company)
Affiliation The Six
World Government
Debut Chapter 41(Partially)
Chapter 120(Fully)

Kim Doo-Shik is a member of The Six. He was previously working with Sang Man-Duk, but later sided with Park Mu-Bong who offered him a better deal than Man-Duk. Before the series began, he beat Moon Gi-Joo's master, Sung Gi-Sa, to become a member of The Six. He becomes one of the seven richest man on the world after RagnarÖk by doing some shady deals with World Government (Park Mu-Jin's government) while retaining his status as member of The Six, until he is defeated by Judge Q.


Kim Doo-Shik is a tall and large man. He sports red hair at the top that is slicked back, while having a brown buzz cut on the sides of his head. He seems to have a lot of money, displayed with the amount of jewellery and expensive clothes he wears. He has has a large scar on the right side of his face going from his cheek to his eye, the same eye having a pale brown iris.

Seventeen years after the events of RagnarÖk, Doo-Shik appears largely the same as before except he has grown thick chops (a la Jin Tae-Jin) and he wears newer more extravagant looking attire. He appears to have put on a little weight around his torso.


Doo-Shik has been shown to be a traitor among the Six, although for unknown reasons. His only motivation is money and he will do anything to get it even if it means betraying others. His greed is fueled by his past experience, where he saw that the men he beat up got away easy despite provoking him first because their parents are rich.

He does not seem to really like The Six, despite being a member. He had turned his back on Moon Gi-Joo's request, and working with Man-Duk to mess around with Park Mu-Bong and his Judges. Despite his dislike of The Six, he still was willing to collaborate with Mu-Bong as long as he profited from it.

He acts like a typical big-shot gangster who likes to show-off his wealth and strength. He also seems to prefer street fighting and physical battles, mocking Charyeok abilities. This is first shown when Mu-Bong uses his powers to try and suppress him, but Doo-Shik responds if it was merely petty tricks and that he should fight like a man with his fists.

Despite his arrogance, Kim Doo-Shik knew when someone outclassed him in skill, shown when he was in awe at the sight of Odin fighting Jin Tae-Jin and Na Bong-Chim, as he almost cannot believe that despite being part of The Six, his skill pale in comparison to the old men.



"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Sage Realm Arc


He is very powerful since he hospitalized member of The Six to take his position. It was commented that he has a powerful right fist that he often keeps in his pocket. When he was ready to punch Gi-Joo with his right fist, his thugs commented that he was done for, and even Gi-Joo himself was alarmed by this fact. Just him screaming in excitement shattered all the windows nearby.

Superhuman Strength: With a single punch, he effortlessly defeated multiple Priests while launching them through multiple walls, despite using his left hand which is stated to be weaker then his right. Gi-Joo, a person who has strong enough defensive capabilities to tank damage from an extremely powerful Bishop, was frightened as soon as Doo-Shik pulled out his right hand. He was able to punch the god Zeus 206 km all the way to Jeollabuk-Do Iksan destroying what seemed like a city and a mountain on the way.[1]

Superhuman Speed: Was ambushed by multiple Priests but effortlessly counterattacked and defeated them with his own attack. Said Priests were completely helpless as he knocked them out with just one blow each. He also ran from China all the way to South Korea (Seoul) in a matter of minutes.[1]

Superhuman Durability & Endurance: Despite being overwhelmed by the god Zeus, Doo-Shik was still able to quickly recover from a punch that sent him flying all the way to China as well as sprint the distance back to South Korea without showing much fatigue.[1] When he got stabbed by a gang member the knife bent backwards.

Martial Arts

  • First Punch: Tooth Smash: Doo-Shik strikes with a powerful downward punch to the opponent's jaw. Despite the massive amount of force behind the punch, it had little effect on Zeus.[2]
  • Second Punch: Baseball Batter: He attacks with a powerful chambered punch to the opponent's stomach. Despite the massive amount of force behind the punch, it had little effect on Zeus.[2]
  • Third Punch: Mouth Smack: Doo-Shik strikes with a powerful basic punch to the opponent's jaw. Despite the massive amount of force behind the punch, it had little effect on Zeus.[2]
  • Fourth & Fifth Punch: Mouth Smack: A further continuation of Mouth Smack, he utilises a flurry of forceful palm strikes to jawline instead of with punches. Despite the massive amount of force behind the punch, it had little effect on Zeus.[2]
  • Zero Punch: Jeolla Iksan: One of Kim Doo-Shik's most powerful attacks, he strikes his foe with a heavy punch to the face and follows with a powerful thrust. It was strong enough to send Zeus hurtling destructively through a series of earthen structures, as well as shatter Mt. Mireuk.[1] However, it failed to do lasting damage to the God of Thunder.




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