The Judges, also known as Commissioners or Executives (Kor: 집행위원), are a group of powerful humans under the orders of Park Mujin. The Judges themselves are very powerful, most having superhuman abilities and the ability to use Charyeok. Each Judge has a code name designated by a letter of the Roman alphabet.


So far, there has been no informations how the Judges came to be. How to become one, where they were gathered and their histories have yet to be revealed. Only 5 Judges have been properly introduced, but there appears to be many more that work in different areas. It seems they've all been appointed by Park Mu-Bong as he has power to order them what to do. The known Judges have been responsible for recruiting contestants for the God of Highschool Tournament.


The GOH Judges
Judge B Judge C TGOH - CH051 - Judge O TGOH - CH069 - Judge P
Judge B Judge C Judge O Judge P
TGOH - CH098 - Judge Q TGOH - CH014 - Judge R Moon Gi-Joo - Judge S
Judge Q Judge R Judge S
Shim Bong-Sa X
Judge T Judge X


The GOH Judges
Judge D Judge E,F Judge R

Judge D

Judge E / Judge F Judge R (Current)
Judge U Judge v Kyoichi Judge X
Judge U Judge V Judge X (Current)
The New Q
Judge Q (Current)
Unknown announcer
Judge K


Round with God

The Judges were order by Park Mu-Bong to find strong people to enter the God Of High School Tournament for unknown reason, and when they were done with that, they set back to watch the whole tournament to find the "key". When Mo-Ri got between the fight of Gang Man-Suk and Go Gam-Do, all the other Judges went in to stop him. P somehow arm locked Mo-Ri without using her hands and they took him to a room while they had a meeting to whether or not to remove him.

While chatting, when Mo-Ri's power level went up, some of them started to think that he could be the "key" they are looking for.