Judge B
Judge B
Vital Statistics
Status Alive
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Charyeok Phoenix
Current Status
Occupation Judge
Affiliation Park Mu-Bong
Debut Chapter 58

Judge B was a judge for the regionals in the Chungcheongnamdo region. He was the one who first explained charyeok to Gwum Gi.


Judge B has middle-aged appearance. He has grayish white hair, slight mustache, and a black goatee


Judge B calls younger judges like judges R, Q and T kids and believes that it's because of inexperienced judges being in Seoul that they are having losses of judges and are being attacked.


Judge B's first appearance was when he taught Gwum Gi about charyeok. His bird charyeok impressed Gwum Gi so much that he decided to learn under Judge B. Later Judge B was seen at a judge meeting before confrontation again the antagonist organization.


Judge B is able to use Charyeok.


Judge B's charyeok is large blue colored Phoenix bird that can crush people under its feet, also having pyrokinesis abilities . It's also shown to be able to leach off the life of a host.