"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Vital Statistics
Age 18
Status Unknown
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Level 52 (Charyeok)
Charyeok Uriel
Weapon Adam & Eve (National Treasure)
Current Status
Occupation Vatican Crusader
Affiliation Team Vatican
Debut Chapter 177

John is a member of Team Vatican participating in the G.O.H tournament.


John is an average height male with, blonde, shoulder length hair and blue eyes.


His personality seems to match that of Gwum Gi, being somewhat rebellious and chaotic but still remaining composed and cool-headed, but on a few occasions, he seems to be itching for a fight. He seem overconfident in his abilities, which has proven useful to his team.


World Tournament Arc

He fights against the Croatian team, and despite using his Charyeok, is severely outmatched by their superior fighting skills and strength.

However, due to constant healing, he was able to keep getting up and eventually defeated the Croatian team.


He has a good stamina and was able to take many blows and still get up. He also have high endurance, as he keep fighting while being overwhelmed by his enemies, although he was healed by his teammate.


Uriel: It is the Charyeok of John. It increase the overall capabilities of John's body and grant him wings, giving him ability to fly.

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