Jo Jung-Duk
Jo Jung-Duk
Vital Statistics
Age 42 (deceased)
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Current Status
Debut Chapter 159

Jo Jung-Duk was one of the North Koreans who worked in the same mine as Lee Soo-Jin when she was young.


Jung-Duk is a very large and portly man with clean, well-kept black hair.


He was very well-liked by his fellow miners because of his kindness and his strength.


Jung-Duk got sent to the mines after he was caught trying to defect to China.

He got caught in a cave-in with Soo-Jin. He gave her his resources so that she could survive until rescue came. After a few days, the cave completely began to collapse. He held up the mine until Soo-Jin had enough time to climb away. He was killed in the cave-in.




He is strong compared to normal humans.

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