Ji Hwa-Ja
Ji Hwa-Ja
Vital Statistics
Age 17
Race & Species Human
Gender Female
Current Status
Debut Chapter 44

Ji Hwa-Ja was a competitor in the God Of High School Tournament from the Kangwondo District.


Hwa-Ja is the shortest person to compete in the God of High School Tournament at only 142cm (around 4'8"). She has medium length olive hair covered by a light purple hat and red earmuffs.


Hwa-Ja is rather care-free but also somewhat conniving. She wants to find out who it was that injured the first-place finisher from her district.


Hwa-Jin is chosen as a member of the Kangwondo Team, as the original team was killed. She is seen walking with Gu Dae-Han, and discussing the murder of the former members, and the culprit of the murders. They then meet the new captain of the team, Wu Gun-Ah.

After the culprit, of the murders of the former members of the Kangwondo Team, Na Han-Sung is caught, Hwa-Jin and her team members confront the killer.

Later Hwa-Jin and the rest of her team are defeated in their match against the Metropolitan Area Team, by Jin Mo-Ri. This leads to the elimination of the Kangwondo Team from the National Tournament.


The abilities of Hwa-Jin are unknown.

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