"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Jang Ho-Sik

Jang Ho-Sik

Jang Ho-Sik Dragon form

Also Known as Yong-Sik (Black Dragon, as Judge O's Charyeok)
Vital Statistics
Status Alive
Race & Species Black Dragon
Gender Male
Charyeok None
Current Status
Occupation Priest (former)
Affiliation Nox (former)
Judge O
Debut Chapter 212

Jang Ho-Sik is a black dragon and a Priest of Nox. After RagnarÖk he become Judge O's charyeok.


Ho-Sik is a large black-colored dragon.

When in polymorph form, Ho-Sik is a young man of average height with black hair and a black choker around his neck.


Not much of his personality has been shown, but what is shown is that like most of the Nox, he is overconfident in his abilities. He takes pride at being a black dragon, at one point exclaiming himself as the greatest creature in the world. He has also shown to take interest in Judge O's Red Dragon.


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Sage Realm Arc

He is first shown during the last moments of the Sage Realm Arc, telling Judge O to raise his Red Dragon right, cause he wants to see her.

World Tournament Arc

Ho-Sik is shown again, easily finding out about Judge O's spying on the Nox building the stadium for the World Tournament, willing to overlook it if O show's his Red Dragon. O fleas only to have most of his energy drained by the power stone located in the building and getting caught by Ho-Sik. On the verge of being killed, O is rescued by Lee Soo-Jin and Gang Man-Suk. Ho-Sik instantly recognizes Soo-Jin as a traitor. After a one-side beat down and being put in an illusion by Lee Soo-Jin, Jang Ho-Sik is aided by Xiao Chen. Fearing further conflict with the especially dangerous Xiao Chen, Soo-Jin and Gang Man-Suk retreat. After snapping out of the illusion, Ho-Sik comments on how scary Xiao Chen's real face is.


As a Black Dragon, Ho-Sik shares many average dragon abilities in addition to his clan's specialized ones.

Pyrokinesis: Can manipulate fire at will.

Regeneration: Like Chang Sik, Ho Sik has a healing ability, although as a black dragon, he has unique regeneration.

Polymorph: Has the ability to transform into a humanoid form or a hybrid between his humanoid and true dragon form.

Swordsmanship: Whenever he is not using his draconic power, he is seen fighting using a sword, showing a confidence in his own sword wielding.

Dragon Techniques

Breath Attack: As a dragon, he can use a very powerful breath attack.

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