Jack the Ripper is the Charyeok of Gwum Gi. Through unknown means Jack the Ripper was absorbed by Greed, but Gwum Gi somehow regained the ability after Jae-Kal Taek's death.


It looks like a middle aged man with a long black mustache and goatee, wearing a hat and long coat.


Jack the Ripper has shown to have a calm and composed personality, in contrast to Gwum Gi's wild one. He says that he is willing to lend Gi power and teach him how to use it properly. However, he does get easily annoyed by Gi's antics.


It has shown to be quite powerful.

Blade Generation: It gives Gi the ability to form huge blades to attack the opponent. Jack the Ripper can also use its body to form blades to attack an opponent at close range.