Inferno Wheel is a sacred weapon that is used by the First Crown Prince of the Heavenly Realm.


It is a large metal wheel that seems to be based off of the Buddhist symbols The Wheel of Samsara and The Wheel of Dharma. The innermost circle of the wheel is white, with the next circle being gold with 8 small black circles. The next circle is actually metallic gray bars arranged in a circle with a gap between each bar. The outermost circle is an alternating pattern of silver and metallic gray, each silver portion containing a gold circle. Each gray part has a handle for the user to hold on to. Some of its surface emit fire.


It is strong enough to block multiple attacks from the copy pf Ruyi Jingu Bang and was even able to shatter it. 

Summoning: The Inferno Wheel will manifest itself upon the First Prince's command, no matter where he is.

Pyrokinesis: Upon the verbal command "burn", the Inferno Wheel will produce a large intensely burning flames, even after it is shattered to pieces.


  • This weapon may refer to two things: One is Buddha's teaching about the nature of the world and reincarnation and the second is one of Nehza's Weapon, Wind Fire Wheels.