Age Unknown
Species God
Gender Male
Status deceased
Fighting skills
Style Unknown
Level Unknown
HP Unknown
GP Unknown
Affiliation Gods (formerly)
Family Kim Oong-Nyuh (lover)
Unnamed Child
Debut Chapter 254

Hwanung was a God of Heavenly Realm that was present along with Tathagata during the Jade Emperor's proposal to lend the humans (represented by Kim Oong-Nyuh and an unidentified male) their divine power.


Hwanung was a handsome male god with fair skin, coloured eyes, unique thin eyebrows with three lines above each eyebrow and long waist-length dark hair that tapered to a point. Around the crest of his head he had a white ring that met at the centre of his forehead, signifying his divine status. Hwanung wore traditional white-coloured robes with two white bands of cloth wrapping around his person in an x-shaped fashion.


Due to his love for Kim Oong-Nyuh and his son, Hwanung developed a sense of compassion for the humans. He destroyed the original charyeok system, leaving his son a message to spread Charyeok, all for the sake of creating a better life for humans.



  • In the original myth, Hwanung's son with Ungnyeo is Dangun, the legendary founder of Gojoseon, the first Kingdom in Korea. If one were to go by this myth, it would greatly infer that Dangun was the one who spread charyeok all over the world in the God of High School series.