When the Clone first came back to the Land of the Living, he acted in a behavior similar to a child. He was incredibly curious about this new world and wanted to know what the original Mo-Ri was like. Unlike Mo-Ri, he is less laid back and is more analytical. At first he tried to act like Mo-Ri and convince others he is Mo-Ri, originally telling Daewi that he was not a clone. After being lectured by Dae-Wi however, he started to try and prove that he is his own person, even considering The King's proposal to give him his own life. He also developed a one-sided rivalries with his original self, as he thrive to be as powerful or more than Jin Mo-Ri in his own way. At one point he told The King that if his original self can beat the former, then so can he.

Whenever he is closer to the real Mo-Ri, he starts acting a bit more like the original Mo-Ri because he starts to revert to becoming a mere extension of Jin Mo-Ri's will, not his own self.


Jin Mo-Ri

To Mo-Ri, Hui Mo-Ri has something of an inferiority complex, seemingly constantly worried of his impeding destruction due to him simply being a clone. Besides that, their relationship hasn't been fully explored, with seemingly no character interactions between the two.

Han Dae-Wi

Dae-Wi, due to being quite literally one of his two first friends, is irreplaceable to him, quite literally being able to give up everything he has in order to save him from death.

Yu Mi-Ra

Mi-Ra has a similar relationship with Hui Mo-Ri as Dae-Wi does, convincing him, together with Dae-Wi of his individuality and his being more than a mere clone of the original, Jin Mo-Ri

Park Mu-Jin

Hui is not quite trusting of Park Mu-Jin. He also likened Park Mu-Jin to The King, using people for his own ends with no consideration for his pawn. Despite that, they work together against The King, and Park Mu-Bong was grateful for his role in the war against Nox.

Kim Oong-Nyuh

Hui Mo-Ri holds Oong-Nyuh in high regards.


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