Hu Il-Sun
Vital Statistics
Age 17
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Current Status
Debut Chapter 54

Hu Il-Sun is a competitor in the God Of High School Tournament from the Junrabukdo District. He finished second in the regional tournament.


Hu Il-Sun has a very youthful appearance with spiky black hair. He has band-aids on his face and dons an orange hoodie.


Il-Sun appears to be a very timid person as he cowered away from Taek Jae-Kal when Jae-Kal showed his strength.


During the match between the Junrabukdo Team and Kyungsamnamdo, after Jae-Kal brutally defeats Jun Ju-Gok and Lee Hyang-Dan is disqualified, because of entering in the fight of Jun-Gok and Jae-Kal, Il-Sun cowers away from Jae-Kal, withdrawing himself from the tournament.



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