Heracles is the charyeok of Samuel Rosinante. It is named charyeok, one of the most powerful in the world.


At the base mode Heracles didn't change the appearance of the user. When the user is in powerlenderization mode, it change the user's clothes to Turquoise grecian tunic with matching pants, red-brown cloth covering the lower part of his body, and Heracles' own Nemean Lion pelt covering the user's head.


Known to have hunted "monsters" or beings equivalent to gods, Heracles' prowess and raw power had beings calling him the Monster Butcher. This is reflected in the powers endowed upon Rosinante and is one of the most powerful charyeok in the series. It's strength is so renowned that Park Mu-Bong stated that many assumed Jin Tae-Jin had this power when he was highly notorious.

Superhuman Strength: This charyeok gifts the user with immeasurable physical strength. Alongside Anna, Rosinante was one of the two physically strongest competitors in the World Tournament. Heracles even allowed Rosinante, who was not yet powerlenderized, to lift copy of Ruyi Jingu for a while.