Han Song-Ee
7-31-2012 3-27-55 PM
Vital Statistics
Age 18
Race & Species Human
Gender Female
Current Status
Occupation G.O.H Participant
Debut Chapter 41

Han Song-Ee is a participant of the G.O.H Tournament. She is the runners up of Gyeongsangbukdo region.



Song-Ee likes literature and calls those who think otherwise as fools. She seems to consider Da Na-Wa as an idiot for reading mangas and wonders how she lost to him.


Han-Song first makes an appearance watching the battle between Gyeongsangbukdo Team captain Da Na-Wa against the third member of the team. She also criticizes Na-Wa for Na-Wa's love of manga.

Later Song-Ee's is seen in the match between Gyeongsangbukdo Team and Kyungsamnamdo Team. She is shown being defeated by Taek Jae-Kal, along with the rest of her team.


Song-Ee's abilities are unknown, but she is somewhat strong, being the runner-up of the Gyeongsangbukdo Tournament.