Dae-Wi usually has the personality of a loner. His reason for entering G.O.H Tournament was to earn money for his hospitalized friend. He was ready to break his friendship with Jin Mo-Ri and Yu Mi-Ra for the same reason.

Later after realizing his friend has died and reading his last letter, he decided to move forward and befriended Jin Mo-Ri and Yu Mi-Ra again. At the nationals, he stated that his aim now is to help Jin Mo-Ri achieve his goals.


Jin Mo-Ri

Hui Mo-Ri

Baek Seung-Chul

Yu Mi-Ra

A friend, and team mate for South Korean team. After the events of Yu Mi-ra's wedding she found was and was critically injured by Han Dae-Wi but showed no signs of holding a grudge against him. After the time skip the two were shown fighting in the streets of Korea. When Han lost his eye to the King Yu- Mi-Ra took up a more protective role for Mori Hui, and Han Dae -Wi, especially after the warning his life was soon at and end. Before the world finals Yu Mi-ra tried to make him withdraw for fear of him losing his life. After consoling her telling her that he could die from anything, the two shared a kiss implying their relationship. Han eventually made the ultimate sacrifice to save her life when they went to stop the king's plan.

Han Dae-Ryeong

Han Dae-Wi's sister, She is protective to him.

Woo Seung-Tae



Park Mu-Bong

Han Dae-Wi was only interested in Mu-Bong for his capacity to save his friend from death. He did not seem to bear any ill will towards Mu-Bong, likewise, despite pretending that he said that Dae-Wi was worthless and pretending to be uncaring towards his friend on his deathbed, it was revealed that Mu-Bong did all in his power to heal his friend yet failed. Later, Mu-Bong took a mentor role to Dae-Wi up until his death.

Ma Bo-Ra



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