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I used to have [a wish] a few months ago, but now I don't really have one. If I had to have one... maybe helping Jin Mo-Ri to get what he wants?

—Han Dae-Wi

Han Dae-Wi



Han Dae-Wi1

Korean 한대위
Also Known as Mad Cow Dae-Wi
Sleepy Oppa
Vital Statistics
Age 17
Status Deceased
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style Full Contact Karate
Level 12
Charyeok Haetae
HP 630
GP 41
Current Status
Occupation G.O.H. Participant
Affiliation Jin Mo-Ri
Yu Mi-Ra
Relatives Sister
Debut Chapter 2

Han Dae-Wi (Korean: 한대위) was a part of the legendary duo named Mad Cows. He is a very skilled fighter and was invited to participate in the God Of High School Tournament.


Han Dae-Wi is a tall, lazy looking young man, with a muscular build, brown hair, and light-brown eyes. When angered or serious, his face becomes noticeably sharper. He's almost always shown wearing his school uniform, mentioning he can't fight without having it on. After the timeskip he wears a black vest over his school uniform and a blue coat over his clothes and a scarf.

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